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Characteristics of A.JAFFE

Opened in 1892, A.JAFFE was founded by Abraham Jaffe with the goal to reinvent the world of bridal jewelry. After moving his business to West 47th street, the business grew into the epicenter of the international jewelry world. In the 120 years since its creation, the company has guided the evolution of bridal jewelry. With techniques that have been passed down over the past century, the master jewelers of A.JAFFE can take as much as eighty hours to craft a single ring. Each piece must pass ten separate quality checkpoints to ensure it is truly worthy of the company's legacy.

Popular A.JAFFE Collections

Today, the company uses only conflict-free diamonds in all its pieces. Their signature design element has become a subtle squaring of the shank that both maximizes comfort and minimizes twisting of the ring. This element is offered in many of their collections, from their contemporary styles to those inspired by rather more timeless designs. Few could be more timeless than their Classics collection, featuring the silhouettes that have made their bridal pieces popular for more than a hundred years. For something slightly more modern, browse the Art Deco collection, made of highly stylized rings inspired by the artistic movement of the same name.

If your tastes run more modern, A.JAFFE has never shied away from more innovative designs. The Quilted collection, named for the luxurious, quilted inner band that has been designed for a more perfect fit. Find bolder rings in the Metropolitan collection, presenting pieces that have boundary-pushing design features like thick, heavy bands dripping with diamonds, or twisting shanks. For an even more luxe design, opt for a double halo to highlight the Metropolitan bands even further. And for those special days, the Seasons of Love collection is A.JAFFE at their best, featuring wedding bands with luxurious and intricately patterned bands.

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