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Photo of the Neugebauer's team in front of the store's interior



Professional jewelers at your service

Neugebauer's Fine Jewelry has been serving the Black Hills area since 1945 with a solid tradition of excellence. We have been doing this for one reason. "To be your jeweler" Being your jeweler is more than selling you jewelry or designing a ring.

It's more like...

  • •   Getting to know you and what you enjoy so the jewelry you buy is exactly the right thing.
  • •   Making sure every gift you give from us is perfect.
  • •   Being fair and delivering a credible value.
  • •   Working hard to make every experience with Neugebauer's enjoyable.
  • •   Providing you service from every department that will exceed your expectations.
  • •   Providing to you knowledge that you can be confident in.
  • •   Being given the privilege to take part in some of the happiest time of your life!

Our Family is in our third Generation here at Neugebauer's Fine Jewelry and we will continue to work hard for the privilege of being "Your Jeweler".

Meet our staff

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