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Men's Wedding Bands

Characteristics of Men’s Wedding Bands

The eternal love between husband and wife are represented by their wedding bands. Both women’s and men’s wedding bands are crafted with that love in mind. Men’s wedding bands in particular are meant to endure through the decades as a sign of the everlasting commitment made on the day of a wedding. Naturally more masculine in style than women’s wedding bands, men’s wedding bands typically feature thicker bands and more visually striking angles. Men’s wedding band styles range from timelessly simple to robust and lined with diamonds. No matter your style, there is bound to be a collection that perfectly fits your tastes.

Popular Men’s Wedding Band Collections

One of our favorite men’s wedding band designers, Lashbrook, has a stunning selection of men’s wedding bands that can be built from the ground up by the customer themselves. A revolutionary in the industry, Lashbrook gives couples the freedom to craft a wedding ring as unique as their love. Their Titanium collection is a trendsetter in the industry and its lightweight, but durable design makes it the perfect choice for everyday wear. For a darker look, consider the versatile Zirconium collection, which is as timeless as it is classic.

Another men’s wedding band designer we adore is Simon G. Their wedding band collections are handcrafted from the highest quality metals and diamonds. A meticulous attention to detail goes into each of their pieces, making them self-contained works of art that will last a lifetime. The mixed metal wedding bands illustrate an alluring contrast of colors that add a little flair to the traditional men’s wedding band. Alternatively, their more classic stylings are the perfect choice for the man wanting the boldly simple look of popular men’s wedding bands.

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