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Characteristics of Sylvie

Made for women by a woman, Sylvie consistently creates award-winning designs that will leave you breathless. This is thanks to the meticulous process that each piece goes through, with all stones being set by hand and 150 quality checkpoints to ensure that the product shown is nothing less than perfection. Combining beauty with quality, Sylvie’s elegant rings are at the forefront of jewelry design. This comes as no surprise as the designer herself is a third-generation master of diamonds. When a bride needs a high-quality ring that does not compromise on style and glamour, Sylvie’s bridal jewelry will be sure to please.

Popular Sylvie Collections

Sylvie’s style of solitaire engagement rings showcases the center stone beautifully with minimalist details on the band. This is one of the most popular styles of rings because it allows the main stone to take center stage without any adornments that might detract from it. For those who want a little more sparkle, side stone engagement rings come in diverse settings. From the timeless vintage to the more modern cuts, these rings can match any woman’s aesthetic. Designs include hidden diamond details, such as a hidden halo, and side stone diamonds that cover every inch of the band.

Adding more opulence and glamour, halo engagement rings feature a glistening collar of diamonds around the center stone and are available in a multitude of styles. Double halos enlarge the center stone even more and add more radiance to the ring. This engagement ring offers styles with scrollwork, milgrain detailing, and floral-inspired motifs that decorate the band. Another captivating style is the three stone ring. Couples often choose this style as the three stones are said to represent their past, present, and future life together. Traditionally set with a large center stone and flanked with two smaller ones on opposite sides, these rings are remarkably alluring.

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