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Characteristics of Earrings

Earrings are among the most classic and timeless forms of jewelry, providing an effortless fashion that can accentuate any outfit. As these hang from one’s ears, they are always present in one’s profile, allowing them to light up the visage and beautifully frame the face of the wearer. Jewelry designers have been creating earrings for centuries, coming up with all sorts of innovative and stylish pieces. Whether it is through fascinating and glamorous materials or avant-garde shapes, a set of glittering earrings is always a perfect addition to a collection.

Popular Collections of Earrings

Simon G. is one of the world’s most iconic designers, crafting innovative, stylish, and breathtaking earrings. These earrings are excellent for expressing one’s self through jewelry, and are especially popular among nature enthusiasts. Some are imbued with gems like tourmaline and diamonds, while others are more minimalist. Regardless, they are united by a sophisticated vintage aesthetic.

Allison-Kaufman is a brand legendary for their focus on color and geometry. They create some of the most glamorous pieces available that utilize scintillating sapphire, radiant rubies, audacious aquamarine, and many more vibrant gemstones. By pairing the stones with diamonds, the earrings by this brand are even more breathtaking. Perhaps only Fana can rival their deep colors and hues of gemstones. Their Color Fashion exudes a rainbow of vibrant shades that can add a flash of color to any outfit. For those seeking enchantment, they will find it in these earrings. Bellari creates some of the most eccentric and awe-inspiring collections to ever see the light of day with a kaleidoscope of gems in precious metals and various styles.

Why Buy Earrings at Neugebauer’s Jewelry?

At Neugebauer’s Jewelry, you will discover a realm of fashion and luxury earrings that will beautifully match your style. With our magnificent and carefully curated selection of fine designer jewelry, you are certain to find an heirloom-quality piece worthy of a lifetime of wear. From our Rapid City showroom in South Dakota, we are proud to offer professional jewelry repair service to ensure that your dream piece will always stay in the best condition. For more information on the selection and services we provide, do not hesitate to contact us at (605) 348-4557.