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Every year is a new opportunity to surprise your beloved with a gift that commemorates the day when your lives became one. Anniversary rings are one of the most popular choices thanks to the fact that they recapture the excitement of engagement and the promises of a wedding in one piece. But what does the “anniversary ring” look like? Here at Neugebauer’s Jewelry, we’re of the opinion that any ring can be magically transformed into an anniversary ring, which opens the door to all manner of wedding bands, engagement rings, and fashion rings being repurposed for a dazzling gift that’s ideal for a partner’s personality and tastes.


If you’re planning on giving your partner a piece of bridal jewelry, the only thing to keep in mind is that the reimagined piece shouldn’t be immediately confused for a preexisting piece of bridal jewelry. This means that when you’re selecting an engagement ring from Fana, you may wish to select a daintier piece like one from the Classic collection that won’t steal too much light from your partner’s ring. The delicate gold solitaire rings from Fana are gorgeous and can showcase a different diamond shape than your partner’s original center diamond. Alternatively, you can reimagine a wedding band as an anniversary ring. Wedding bands are unique insofar as they can be stacked—a Simon G. Nocturnal Sophistication band is not only rich with invisible-set white diamonds and colored diamonds, but with two-tone gold patterns, they can fit gorgeously against any shade of gold that your partner’s wedding band is.

Another extremely popular choice for an anniversary ring is a fashion ring. There are two benefits of anniversary rings: They showcase geometric and design patterns that aren’t usually seen in bridal jewelry; they also showcase gemstones not often seen in engagement rings or wedding pieces. Allison Kaufman, for example, makes some gorgeous vintage-inspired rings that utilize aquamarine, peach-colored morganite, and wine-colored tanzanite, among others. Simon G. and Fana are no less impressive in their collections of fashion rings. Simon G. utilizes black gold and black diamonds in evocative, feminine patterns; Fana’s colored gemstones are worked into diamond-studded lattices that any woman will adore.


Based in the Black Hills, Neugebauer’s Jewelry is located right in the heart of gold-mining country, which gives us a unique perspective into jewelry. Since 1945, we’ve been a pillar of the jewelry community in Rapid City, and we’re proud to be part of the wedding stories of hundreds of happy couples. From the bridal jewelry collections we showcase from the top designers in the market to luminous collections of fashion jewelry sure to impress, we’ve got something for any occasion! If you’re interested in the anniversary rings we showcase, contact us at (605) 348-4557 or visit our showroom in Rapid City, South Dakota today!