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Diamond Shape Guide

Introduction to Diamond Shapes

The focal point of your engagement ring is the center stone, and each diamond shape offers a unique style of its own. While trends shift over the years, the following diamond shapes are thought to be the most exquisite. Begin your engagement ring search by deciding on which diamond shape appeals to you most.


Round Cut

A timeless classic, the round cut diamond remains the most popular diamond cut, making up 75% of engagement rings sold. The diamond's circular shape reflects the most light off of 58 facets, for an unmatched sparkle. From solitaires to intricately patterned shank designs, there are a variety of styles that complement a round cut diamond center stone. The diamond shapes' ever-growing popularity amongst designers and brides alike, make it extremely easy to find a well-suited ring setting.


Oval Cut

Embrace romance and sweeping designs with an oval cut diamond ring. A modified version of the round brilliant, the oval diamond’s elongated features are perfectly unique. Easily complimenting vintage designs, pair the oval shape with a warm yellow gold setting. Alternatively, exaggerate the diamond’s sparkle with a halo design or side stones for exceptional radiance. The oval cut diamond will elevate a variety of engagement ring styles, and will always maintain a glamorous flair.


Cushion Cut

Known for its sophistication, the cushion cut diamond remains a timeless choice. Resembling a small pillow, the cushion cut features a squared shape with subtle rounded corners. Often paired with antique-style settings, the shape adds a delicate charm with its distinct sparkle and softened corners. Alternatively, its clean and symmetrical lines perfectly complement modern and classic settings as well, making it a completely versatile diamond shape.


Emerald Cut

Bold and impressive, the emerald cut diamond possesses breathtaking clarity. Emerald-cut diamonds are characterized by their unique mirrored facet position and make up only 3% of the world's diamonds. A solitaire setting would be the perfect complement to this rare beauty, highlighting its elongated shape and sleek lines. However, pairing the emerald cut with baguette side stones offers a daring and unique spin on a classic choice.


Pear Shaped

A new bridal favorite, the pear shaped diamond embodies pure individuality. Starting from its uncommon silhouette, the teardrop shape can be found with more robust centers or slender and lean tapered cuts. Gracefully curving to a point, the pear shaped diamond can also be set pointing up or down depending on each bride’s preferred style. Paired with a sparkling halo or accentuated with other precious gems, the pear cut matches harmoniously with all.