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Neugebauer's Jewelry’s Earring Style Guide

When searching for a unique and elegant way to transform your everyday style, earrings are often the first place to refresh. There’s a reason earrings have been a jewelry staple for women all over the world for generations. Delicately sitting on the earlobe or dramatically swinging past the chin and catching the light, there is an earring style fit for every occasion. 


Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are offered in a wide range of lengths and designs, from demure and delicate to daring and bold drop earring styles that catch the light with each movement of the head. Daintier drop earrings can be worn every day or added to an evening gown for a hint of sparkle. To make a statement on a special occasion, a pair of big and dynamic chandelier drop earrings accented with glittering diamonds will outshine all other fashion accessories.


Stud Earrings

By far the most classic earring style, stud earrings are the perfect accessory for daily wear. Offered in a plethora of styles, stud earrings can range from understated gemstone studs to extravagant halo stud earrings. Miniature gold or sterling silver stud earrings with diamonds or understated engravings can be mixed and matched, or gemstone earrings in rich colors and hues allow for the wearer to express their individuality and personal style.


Hoop Earrings

Known for adding flavor and sparkle to any look, hoop earrings are a fresh and flirtatious way to change your look with minimal effort. When hoop earrings are added to an outfit they instantly command the attention of the room. Big gemstone-accented hoop earrings are always on-trend and shine brilliantly when worn alone. Gold and silver hoop earring styles are timeless, pairing expertly with other jewelry and accessories or an updo hairstyle.



One of the most popular earring styles worn by women of all ages, huggies are similar to hoop earrings while remaining tight against the earlobe for minimal movement. Huggies are desired for their ability to elevate any fashion look without making a bold statement. Accessorize with diamond-studded huggie earrings for a feminine and glamorous look, or wear solid huggie styles for every occasion. This style is also often used to decorate different parts of the ear such as the cartilage.


Ear Climbers

For those looking for the ultimate ear accessory, ear climbers completely adorn the earlobe with twisting designs in a “crawling” fashion. Often accentuated with brilliant diamonds or gemstones, ear crawlers are rebellious and edgy while remaining stunning and graceful. Wear a single diamond ear climber with an evening gown, or pair two gemstone ear climbers together to ensure that the brilliant sparkle of each ear climber is captured from every angle.


Why Shop for Earrings at Neugebauer’s Jewelry?

Neugebauer’s Fine Jewelry has been serving the Black Hills since 1945 with a solid tradition of excellence. We have been doing this for one reason — "To be Your Jeweler." Being your jeweler is more than selling you the perfect pair of earrings. It involves getting to know you and what you enjoy so the jewelry you buy is exactly the right fit. We believe in being fair and delivering credible value to all of our customers. Our highly knowledgeable staff are always working hard to make every experience with Neugebauer's enjoyable. We get so much joy from being given the privilege to take part in some of the happiest times of our customers’ lives!