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Guide to Modern Wedding Band Styles

Your wedding band symbolizes your everlasting love and commitment and is meant to be worn for a lifetime. For this reason, your ring must conform to your unique aesthetic and express your personality. Browse these modern wedding bands for a wonderfully contemporary look.

Pave Wedding Bands

For a ring with immense brilliance, pave wedding bands make a phenomenal option. The term pave comes from the French word meaning a paved road. These rings are characterized by closely-set diamonds or gems held in place by precious metal beads, creating the illusion of a gem-paved road. Pave wedding bands are bold and sparkling, making a phenomenal companion for a diamond engagement ring.

Eternity Wedding Bands

Eternity rings are uniquely characterized by a continuous row or multiple rows of diamonds or gemstones that surround the ring. These rings symbolize the eternal strength and everlasting nature of the love held in a marriage. Various gem shapes, sizes, and settings allow for a myriad of eternity ring styles, all glittering from every angle.

Stackable Wedding Bands

A bridal stack is composed of the engagement ring, wedding band, and any other rings that may be worn on the ring finger to tell one’s unique marriage story. Stackable wedding bands are designed distinctly for this purpose with thin bands, making them easy to layer and comfortable to wear. While typically relatively slender, they can still range in design from minimal to more eccentric.

Nesting Wedding Bands

Nesting wedding bands emphasize and nestle against the center stone of an engagement ring. These bands are crafted with a curve that allows room for the stone so the bands of the two rings can lie side by side with no space between them. Many designers create wedding bands with a specific engagement ring in mind, allowing the two to be purchased as a cohesive pair.

Anniversary Bands

These rings are a relatively new concept in bridal jewelry. Liven up a bridal stack with a new band when you reach a milestone anniversary as a couple. Anniversary bands are not necessarily distinguishable from wedding bands, but many people opt for gemstone bands instead of diamonds, choosing a color with special significance.

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