Bloom this Spring with Floral Jewelry

March 15th, 2022

floral jewelry

Following the cold months of winter, spring is a welcome reprieve where warmth returns, flowers burst through the thawed earth, and newborn critters are finding their footing. Fewer layers of clothing allow your accessories the opportunity to pop even more. Give your favorite person flowers that will never decay or add floral motifs for a colorful addition to a wardrobe. Designers around the world have crafted stunning collections featuring natural elements like leaves, vines, and flowers that will bring fashion into spring.


Updos and Floral Earrings

As the temperatures rise, wearing your hair up off the neck or cutting your hair short will keep you cool and make it easy to show off a glittering pair of earrings. Floral earrings are whimsical and lovely and are a great way to celebrate the season. With a flower motif, it ensures that the face is always enlivened by playful, captivating colors and shapes.

Flower Pendants

Wearing fewer layers means being able to wear tank tops, t-shirts, and sundresses. Accessorize these warm weather articles with necklaces that are like spectacular wearable bouquets. Pendants are an exquisite way to exhibit a stylish and luxurious floral arrangement of light and enchantment.

This stunning scarlet rhodolite and diamond-accented yellow gold pendant from Bellarri is sophisticated but fun. Wear this over a white t-shirt with shorts and feel just as beautiful as the flower it represents.

nature bracelets

Wrists Covered in Nature

Shorter sleeves make wearing bracelets even easier during springtime. A glittering chain or bangle will look phenomenal by itself or layered with other favorites.

Enjoy the marquise ruby flowers and diamond centers on this gemstone bangle from Simon G. Classic and beautifully set in white gold, this bracelet will be a wonderful way to get ready for spring.

Natural Rings

Verdant green, natural motifs are marvelous ways to bring spring into your jewelry. Leaves, flowers, and vines are popular in many different collections of designer jewelry. Fashion rings, in particular, are an exhilarating way to exhibit floral designs as they present a unique opportunity to stack, mix, and match different jewelry pieces.

Surprise everyone with this diamond and emerald ring by Fana that looks like leaves gracefully curving around your finger. Luxurious and eye-catching, this piece will beautifully accent an elegant evening gown or tailored suit.

woman out in nature

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