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Engagement Ring Trends: See All 2021 Has to Offer

December 26th, 2020

With the new year comes a time for beginnings and hope and fresh inspiration. Trends for engagement rings are no different. Explore designs that prioritize beauty and comfort. Let daring styles fascinate you. Experience the future with responsibly sourced engagement rings. See how side stone accents can beautify an engagement ring. Explore these engagement ring trends for 2021 and propose to your loved one with an engagement ring as unique as they are.

Where Comfort Meets Beauty

Throughout each day, bodies go through many changes in temperature, energy, and even size. With a comfort fit ring, you will find a ring that is built to be breathable and adaptable, ready to sit securely no matter where the day takes you. 2021 is all about the enhanced wearability factor.

Wrap them up in an engagement ring from the Quilted Collection by A. Jaffe. The inner band is crafted with a quilted pattern that keeps the diamond center stone front and center while keeping the wearer feeling both cozy and beautiful.

A simple solitaire with hidden diamond accents adorning the prongs is perfect for the one who loves simple beauty. For more brilliance, propose with a halo engagement ring brimming with diamonds. 

Modern Mixed Metals

In jewelry styling families, mixed metals were formerly the black sheep. Now they are stylish, modern, and impressively versatile. A mixed metal engagement ring is contemporary and it pairs beautifully with any jewelry collection from stackable bangles to layered necklaces.

Allison Kaufman has a selection of gorgeous mixed metal engagement rings. For a fashion-forward and feminine look, pair white gold with rose gold. For something classic yet modern, shop a white gold and yellow gold pairing.

If you can confidently say that your intended is not just stylish, but a little rebellious, then thrill them with this Twist Band halo from Simon G.

Responsibly Sourced Beauty

Give your loved one a ring that’s responsibly sourced and considers individual and collective impact, just like they do! Jewelry which considers responsibility to the earth is all the rage.

Give them the Fana experience. Fana works to be as environmentally sustainable and socially responsible as possible. All of their stones are sourced in compliance with the non-conflict guaranteed Kimberley Process.

Fana is for those who love a romantic, elegant touch. The majority of their engagement rings are crowned with round stone settings. Round cut diamonds are one of the top engagement ring trends for 2021. Your loved one shines brilliantly in these pieces. Propose with a ring to match your pure heart, like this white gold classic beauty from Fana.

Emerald Cut Accent Stones

Fancy cut side stones are a lovely way to create more brilliance within an engagement ring. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In 2021, we’re focusing on the trending emerald cut side stone.

Emerald cut stones are imposing and distinguished. They boast a large surface area, even as side stones. They also give a distinct Art Deco vibe. If your loved one loves the Roaring 20’s, keep an eye out for this diamond cut.

Dazzle your beloved with this particularly heavenly ring by Sylvie. Distinguished emerald cut diamonds flank this round cut center stone for a feminine, vintage look.

Find More Inspiration

These are just a few of the top engagement ring trends for 2021. You can find these styles and even more fine jewelry at Neugebauer’s Jewelry.

At Neugebauer’s, we are honored to be given the privilege to take part in some of the happiest times of your life. We provide service from every department that will exceed your expectations. Shop at our Main Street location in Rapid City and explore our expansive selection in person.