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How To Handpick A Diamond

January 10th, 2021

If you are looking to propose to your significant other, your passion for your partner runs deep. You want a diamond that your partner will cherish forever, but this is not as easy of a feat as it initially seems. There are a lot of important factors to consider when choosing the right diamond, and the entire process deserves careful attention. Read on to find out everything you need to know from your trusted jewelry source: Neugebauer’s.


The most important factor to consider is your budget. Selecting the perfect diamond does not have to mean purchasing the most expensive one. While we can get lost in the haze of love, this first big purchase in a marriage should not create more headaches than heavenly joy! Furthermore, just because a diamond is expensive does not mean it is the ideal choice. Some diamonds are extravagantly beautiful, yet do not include a bank-breaking price tag.

What Are The 4 C’s Of Diamonds’

Diamonds are as special as snowflakes, and no two are the same. Those who are familiar with diamonds know that there are several ways to classify them. If you do not have any such experience in gemology, fear not! There is an easy way to learn the basics: The Four C’s.


The first (and arguably the most important) C to consider is a diamond’s cut. This refers to, quite literally, the way a diamond is cut. While it might not sound like a big factor at first thought, the cut of a diamond determines how elegant and dazzling the stone is. Even the most prized raw diamond, if cut poorly, will give off a rather dull appearance, which is not something most want. Diamonds cut to perfection shimmer in the light, giving off the beauty and brilliance people adore.


Diamond clarity is another vital factor for your consideration. Diamond clarity is measured by how many imperfections or blemishes a diamond has. Some of these flaws will not be visible to the human eye, which is why it is measured with a degree of magnification. Ideally, you want a diamond with the highest level of clarity possible. For this reason, diamonds with FL (flawless) and IF (internally flawless) classifications are almost perfect, yet extremely expensive. If your budget allows, these could very well be at the top of your list. However, diamonds of VVS, or very very slight inclusions, will most likely show no diamond imperfections to the naked eye. Avoid those with SI or I classifications, as these have higher levels of imperfections.


While it may sound unimportant on the surface, diamond color can make a significant difference in the quality of the diamond. The rule of thumb with this C is that the less color the diamond has, the better. Diamonds with tints of brown or yellow in the stone are usually less expensive. This factor is probably the easiest to measure by yourself, so examine each diamond carefully and decide if the color is an important factor for you.


A diamond’s carat weight also ties into your budget decision, making it an equally important trait to look at when selecting a diamond. Carat weight refers to the diamond’s actual weight, Remember, this does not include the diamond’s size, color, or clarity. Keep in mind, the average carat weight of engagement ring center stones is between 1.08-1.2 carats.

Things to Avoid

The four C’s are remarkably important when purchasing a diamond, but there are multiple other aspects you should take into consideration. Understanding the 4 C’s process is essential, but it does not tell the whole story about the quality of a diamond. If the diamond is not certified by an accredited gemological laboratory, you cannot be sure of what you are purchasing.

For these reasons, most people prefer to see the diamond in person before deciding to purchase it. Anyone who has ever purchased items online knows that you do not always get what you are paying for. There are insurance policies that you can enact to ensure that your diamond stays top-notch forever. First, you should insist on a 30-day return policy before purchase. This will give you sufficient time to decide if the diamond is authentic and priced correctly. Always take your time to find the one for you.

Make an Educated Purchase at Neugebauer’s Jewelry

Of course, there is no such thing as having too much knowledge when it comes to diamonds. At Neugebauer’s Jewelry, we offer resources for you to further educate yourself before you purchase. We will never charge you any extra fees for a warranty, and will always conduct transparent business practices. We offer diamonds of exceptional quality at competitive prices, and we are proud to be a recommended choice for finding your significant other’s perfect diamond. To get started on your search, make an appointment for a diamond consultationtoday.