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Less is More With Delicate Engagement Rings

August 15th, 2021

Engagement rings often reflect the taste and style preferences of today’s brides. You will discover that many women are choosing quite the opposite of the celebrity-sized engagement ring where the bigger the better is the ultimate rule. Instead, understated beauty is the direction most bridal designers are headed, offering a wide selection of sophisticated and subtle rings. The elegant simplicity of a delicate engagement ring says it all with fewer words.

Start With A Solitaire

The current trend of subtle engagement rings can be revealed by the timelessness of a solitaire ring. It is pure perfection when the diamond is showcased as the singular stone, demanding all of the attention. As on-trend today as it will be decades from now, solitaires will never go out of style—they have dominated the bridal jewelry market for generations! This means you will never feel the need to change the setting unless you decide to upgrade the center diamond for a special anniversary or a personal milestone.

A modern twist on the classic solitaire is the captivating twisted band solitaire. If you are an enthusiast of artistic craftsmanship in jewelry you will find this option delightful. This lustrous twisted shank caresses a gorgeous center stone. The romantic embracing style always points to the main attraction, the glittering center diamond.

Underneath the Surface: Gallery Work

You will love the understated allure of a solitaire engagement ring as they do speak for themselves. However, today’s designers have added hidden details to further enhance the style. A few secret flourishes or romantic design elements can differentiate your ring from the rest. We have included a charming twist on the theme to look for:

This solitaire engagement ring from Simon G. has quite a few details working in its favor. First, the tapered shanks further enhance the delicacy of the setting, forming the thinnest point around the center stone to naturally magnify its size. From the private side view, hidden details spring to life in the form of antique-styled swirling filigree—it is simply dazzling.

Cloaked in Diamonds: The Elusive Hidden Halo

As of now, we are all familiar with halo rings. These glamorous engagement rings easily make a statement with a spotlight shining on the center stone through a halo of glimmering diamonds. A new bridal trend is the modern hidden halo, forming a collar of diamonds beneath the center stone. Hidden halo rings bring a sophisticated edge and air of mystery to an otherwise classic ring design.

When taking a closer look at this A Jaffe solitaire ring, the hidden halo glistens confidently from beneath the prong setting. While the shimmering stones might be easy to miss from a quick glance, once the diamonds catch the light, watch out for a brilliant sparkle.

Hide and Seek: Peek-A-Boo Diamonds

Peek-a-boo diamonds are the designer’s way of giving a private wink to the wearer. Only you will be able to view the small diamonds positioned on the bridge of the ring, or sometimes found in other hidden places. This style was created especially for the bride-to-be as a special gift just for her.

Sleek and streamlined, this subtle split shank with a hidden diamond on the highest point of the bridge is an irresistible choice. Fana is a designer known for crafting bridal jewelry by women for women, so every design features comfort, luxury, and understated elegance.

Your Happily Ever After Starts With Neugebauer’s Jewelry

To find out if the simple sophistication of a solitaire engagement ring is right for you, set up a private bridal appointment with the diamond experts at Neugebauer’s. Allow our team to show you all of your options while we learn what is most important to you or your bride-to-be. This is an exciting time—selecting an engagement ring for yourself or a partner is a moment to remember!

With a centrally located showroom ready to serve you, Neugebauer’s Jewelry Design and Service is the one-stop destination for your happily ever after. Stop by our Rapid City jewelry store and see why we are the only jeweler you’ll ever need.