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Try Before You Buy An Engagement Ring

December 15th, 2022

A black and white photo of a woman’s hand wearing a pear shape engagement ring

Although it is customary to astonish your fiance-to-be with a ring you have chosen without their knowing, the pressure to get it just right can be understandably overwhelming for many. Instead, some couples are visiting the jewelry store together. This way, it is guaranteed that the engagement ring you select perfectly fits your partner’s finger and their aesthetic preferences. Our team at Neugebauer’s Jewelry explains why trying on engagement rings before purchasing may be your best option.

Close up image of a halo set, princess cut engagement ring

Find a Perfect Fit

Ensuring the engagement ring you choose fits properly is crucial. After all, this is a ring that they will likely be wearing for many years to come, if not for the rest of their life. While there are creative ways to figure out your partner’s ring size without their knowledge, measuring at home usually results in an approximate size.

On-site jewelers have tools to help determine your beloved’s exact ring size, which is a useful resource especially if they have an in-between size. However, ring sizes are not always universal. Certain innovative elements that have emerged into the bridal jewelry world may make some luxury designer’s sizes fit a bit differently.

Close up image of a hand wearing a solitaire, round cut engagement ring

Find a Comfortable Fit

Likewise, it is important to find an engagement ring that is comfortable to wear. Many preferred bridal jewelry designers have innovated the way their rings fit, increasing comfortability and minimizing twisting and slipping.

For example, A.JAFFE engagement and wedding rings feature a very subtle squaring of the shank and a quilted interior as their signature design. This lends their rings a superior, balanced fit that many soon-to-be brides prefer. Trying on engagement rings allows your darling to find the right ring from the right designer that fits their finger perfectly.

Two hands holding each other, the woman’s hand wearing a sapphire engagement ring

Find Flattering Precious Metals and Gemstones

Some precious metals and gemstones will look better than others on your partner’s skin tone. If your partner has a warm skin tone, gold or rose gold engagement rings will naturally flatter them. Cool skin tones look stunning with silver hues.

Some fiances-to-be may also decide to level up their engagement ring with gemstones as the center stone or as an accent stone. Those with warm skin tones will find that fiery colors, such as rubies or citrine, are more suitable. Those with cool skin tones should opt for gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, or amethysts. However, there are no wrong answers here. Mix and match gemstones with precious metals for a contrasting, visually pleasing appeal.

A person’s hand draped over another’s, wearing a halo, oval cut engagement ring

Find the Right Diamond Shape

With the assortment of different diamond cuts and shapes available, trying on a variety of engagement rings ensures that you will find the perfect match for your sweetheart. Perhaps your partner will prefer to keep it classic with a timeless round cut ring, or maybe they will gravitate toward a show-stopping cut, like a pear-shaped or an oval cut ring.

This choice can be difficult to make without seeing the specific diamond shape on a finger, and oftentimes, your darling may lean toward one cut just from seeing product pictures but may admire another shape more once they actually see it in person or try it on their finger.

A rose gold wedding band and halo engagement ring on a white background

Find a Matching Wedding Band

If you and your partner prefer to be ahead of your planning schedule, consider buying your wedding bands in the same jewelry store visit. This will help determine if the engagement ring and wedding band work well together aesthetically through trial-and-error.

For example, a classy solitaire ring may pair gorgeously with a pave diamond wedding band for an attention-grabbing appeal. Or your beloved might choose to add a touch of romantic warmth to her platinum engagement ring with a rose-gold wedding band. Also, if your partner falls in love with a specific wedding band, they can choose their engagement ring specifically to complement the band, instead of vice-versa.

A hand holding three emerald cut engagement rings against a red background

Try On Engagement Rings at Neugebauer’s Fine Jewelry

As a third generation family-owned and operated jewelry store in the Black Hills area, Neugebauer’s Fine Jewelry knows exactly what it means to serve our customers with a solid tradition of excellence. We strive to be your ideal jeweler by getting to know you so we can help find the right designer jewelry for your individual needs.

Our customer service does not end when you leave our showroom. Keep your bridal jewelry in pristine condition with our repair and cleaning services. We offer fast turnaround times so you can get your treasured jewelry back quickly. Visit our Rapid City, South Dakota location or contact us to schedule an appointment.