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Guide to Modern Engagement Ring Styles

You will likely wear your engagement for a significant amount of time, perhaps the rest of your life. You want to be sure that its style conforms to your preferences. We at Neugebauer’s Jewelry are proud to offer several modern engagement ring styles to satisfy a plethora of aesthetic preferences.

Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Traditional halos are characterized by a center stone surrounded by smaller accent stones to create a dazzling display. A modern take on this form, however, is the hidden halo. In this style, the halo is placed below the center stone and only visible from the ring’s profile, offering a bit more visual interest and unexpected sparkle.

Oval Cut Halo Rings

The feminine and elegant oval cut have gained significant traction in the world of bridal jewelry in recent years. An oval cut diamond surrounded by a glittering halo produces an even more romantic and eye-catching silhouette. The halo makes the center stone appear more prominent, while the oval shape elongates the appearance of the wearer’s finger.

Split Shank Rings

Engagement rings typically feature a solid band of metal, but split shank rings have been beloved for years for their ability to create visual interest with negative space. These rings are characterized by a split in the band on either side of the center stone for a romantic look.

Bezel Engagement Rings

This style of ring is quite unique in that the center stone/s edges are not left bare or only partially covered by tiny prongs or additional diamonds. Bezel engagement rings feature center stones surrounded by a band of metal. This gives a ring a distinctly clean and modern feel.

Intertwining Shank Engagement Rings

Similar to split shank rings, intertwining shank engagement rings feature sculptural bands that appear to twist together, creating a unique texture. Intertwining rings can range from loosely to tightly intertwining shanks. Some even have mixed metal shanks whose dueling colors provide lovely contrast that is stunning and unexpected.

Shop Modern Engagement Rings at Neugebauer's Jewelry

Let Neugebauer's Jewelry be your destination for top-tier, designer bridal jewelry and unparalleled customer service. Our Rapid City jewelry store is stocked with a myriad of modern engagement ring collections that our experienced staff would be more than happy to guide you through. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our products and services.