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Proudly Presenting A New Arrival At Neugebauer’s!

February 12th, 2021

Few designers have been able to celebrate the hues across the color spectrum as Bellarri. Artistically placed gems display a vibrant depth of color, making each option more gorgeous than the next. Marvel at the Bellarri fashion rings with thrilling mosaics of jewels, or revel in choosing a piece that offers all the lovely tones of your favorite color.

Bellarri jewelry is evocative and romantic; the vivid color combinations express a unique passion not seen anywhere else. Browse drop earrings, which look like flowers in full bloom, or present your birthstone to the world as a confidence-boosting gemstone pendant necklace. Don’t miss out on the delicately daring rainbow bracelets, perfect for every professional who wants to channel a bit of extra energy to tackle the day and all its possibilities.

Discover why Neugebauer’s couldn’t wait to bring these radiant options to their customers. Synonymous with luxury, integrity, elegance, and cutting edge design, Bellarri collections showcase a signature style referred to as an "architectural labyrinth"—impossible to emulate and unforgettable when seen. The Cove, Mademoiselle, and Eternal Love are only a few of the Bellarri collections represented at Neugebauer’s today.

About Neugebauer’s

Neugebauer’s Jewelry Design and Service has served the region of Black Hills and beyond since 1945. Proudly located in Rapid City, South Dakota, the third-generation jeweler is actively involved in the community and enjoys getting to know every customer personally. True to their legacy, Neugebauer’s continues to deliver fair and credible value to all customers with exceptional customer service. Knowledgeable staff members work hard to ensure every experience with Neugebauer’s is enjoyable and exceeds every expectation. If you are interested in purchasing an exquisite gift or personal piece, view their professionally curated fine jewelry selection or call them today at (605) 348-4557.