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Tips on Customizing a Ring

Rings are a special accessory, whether they are your bridal stack or your favorite statement ring. However, as time goes on and we change, you may choose to refresh your ring for a more personalized look. Luckily, these pieces are easy to customize, with a wide variety of possibilities. Explore the most popular ways to level up your cherished rings at Neugebauer’s Jewelry.

Decide on the Occasion

Many decide to make an upgrade on their engagement ring or wedding band to celebrate a life milestone. Perhaps, you are celebrating the birth of your first child and choose to honor them by adding their birthstone to your ring. Or, maybe your late grandmother recently passed, and you inherited her ring. Take the ring to your preferred jeweler and honor her memory with a special touch. Whatever the occasion, you are sure to find the perfect way to bring your personalized vision to life.

Add Diamonds or Gemstones

Probably one of the simplest ways to customize your ring, adding extra diamonds or gemstones create a refreshing, show-stopping appeal. Bring extra sparkle with more diamonds or pop in some color with striking gemstones. Adding gemstones can also make your favorite ring even more sentimental, as you can add your birthstone or favorite color for a personal touch or a loved one’s birthstone as a way to keep them near you. Read our diamond education guide to help you get started.

Personalize with Engravement

Laser engraving has become more and more popular throughout the years, and for good reason. This adds an one-of-a-kind personal touch to your ring. Add a name, a significant date, or a short quote that is meaningful to you. Whether you are honoring your marriage or a late family member, engraving can also come in handy to distinguish your unique ring in the event that it gets lost.

Combine Designs for a Unique Ring

Whether you have outgrown the style of your bridal stack or are seeking a revamp for the ring you inherited from your late grandmother, redesigning your ring ensures that you truly have an unmatched piece. Honor the traditional design by simply adding a few contemporary touches, or completely transform its look to fit your new aesthetic. Whatever your creative vision is, our professional goldsmiths are here to help you bring it to life using only the finest materials.

Customize Rings with Neugebauer’s Jewelry

Breathe a new life into your rings with Neugebauer’s Jewelry. Proudly serving the Black Hills region since 1945, we boast a solid tradition of excellence. Our number one goal is to be your choice jeweler. When you walk through our doors, the knowledgeable staff at Neugebauer’s Jewelry work hard to make sure your experience is enjoyable, with a superior jewelry selection from designer brands and a philosophy of fairness. Contact our Rapid City location or call (605) 348-4557 to schedule an appointment.