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When To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring began the happily-ever-after of your marriage. However, over time, some people realize that they wish they had a different type of engagement ring, or they want to change at least one part of the design. The desire to upgrade one’s engagement ring could arise for a number of reasons, from improving outdated styles to choosing a larger center stone. Our team at Neugebauer’s Jewelry created a guide on popular ways to upgrade an engagement ring.

Upgrade to a Larger Diamond

Choosing a higher carat center stone is one of the most common ways people upgrade their engagement rings. Perhaps now that the two of you are in a more successful spot in your lives, a 2-3 carat diamond is easier to save up for and splurge on than it was at the beginning of your marriage. This upgrade is especially excellent for those who enjoy the overall look of their ring but want something a little grander.

Change to a Different Diamond Shape

As there are several diamond cuts to choose from, picking a different one will completely change the overall appearance of your engagement ring. This is a great way to upgrade your ring if you like the setting but want to exchange a classic round cut for a geometric princess cut diamond that features contrasting light and shadow. Changing the center stone shape may be the exact refresh that will satisfy your aesthetic with a gorgeous new diamond that you can admire for many more years.

Add Extra Diamonds

Maybe you love your ring how it is, but you still wish that it sparkled a bit more. Perhaps the upgrade your engagement ring needs are some additional accent diamonds along the band. They could be applied using the pave, prong, or channel settings if your ring design allows it. Gemstones can also give these rings an interesting spark that might have been missing before. Subtle accent stones or diamonds covering the band may be the upgrade you may want.

Change the Setting

Perhaps your style has evolved, and the style of ring you loved when they proposed now feels outdated or does not go with how your aesthetic has changed. Adding a halo of diamonds around the center stone or adding two accessory diamonds may be a more fitting sentimental engagement ring for your love story. At the same time, an extravagant ring could be refined back to a stunning solitaire that celebrates the center stone diamond.

Use a Different Type of Metal

Choosing a different precious metal for your engagement ring will completely transform your ring, even if the setting remains exactly the same. Perhaps you want to upgrade your white gold ring to a platinum ring, so it does not need routine rhodium dippings to maintain its color. Purchasing a more expensive material for your ring may be more affordable later in your relationship than at the beginning. It is also likely that as your marriage has grown, your tastes in jewelry will probably have changed as well.

Upgrade Your Engagement Ring at Neugebauer’s Jewelry

We look forward to helping you upgrade your engagement ring in our Neugebauer’s Jewelry showroom. Our professionals can assist you in picking out the features that will best suit the overall look you are wanting to achieve. Visit our Rapid City jewelry store to begin the process of creating the engagement ring of your dreams.