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Guide to Wedding Band Finishes

The finish on the men’s wedding bands can change the tone and feel of the ring. For example, a polished finish is a traditional, sleek way to show off a ring while a matte finish is much more muted and discreet. Men must know their options when choosing a finish and know the characteristics of each one.

Polished Finish

The polished finish is a classic for men’s wedding rings. The surface of the ring is polished to perfection. The goal is to give a ring a mirror-like appearance. Rings that use this finish reflect the most light, drawing attention to it. The polished finish is one of the most popular rings; however, it requires more maintenance, as scratches show up very easily on it.

Satin Finish

The satin finish is the second most popular finish for men’s wedding bands. The surface is not as reflective as the polish finish, but gives the rings a smooth luster. Many men appreciate the more understated look as it can seamlessly pair with any outfit. However, like the polish finish, rings with the satin finish also require more care because scratches are more noticeable.

Matte Finish

The matte finish is one of the more subtle finishes for men’s wedding rings. Rings with this particular finish have a smooth texture with a more muted appearance than the polish or satin finish. The velvety appearance is very attractive for men that have a more discreet style. Scratches do show up because the surface is smooth; however, this can be counterbalanced by picking a strong metal type like tungsten.

Brushed Finish

As the name suggests, the brushed finish is achieved by scraping the surface with a wire brush. This creates a unique texture that many men are drawn to, as it is more dynamic and modern than other finishes. Another plus of a brushed finish is that scratches tend to blend in with the design because the surface is already lightly scored.

Hammered Finish

A hammered finish is less reflective and more rugged in appearance. The surface is hammered to create dimples along the outside of the ring. The size and shape of the dimples can vary from designer to designer as they typically use different types of hammers. This is one of the more unique ring finishes as it has two finishes in one. First, the texture is created with the hammer, and then the satin finish is applied to give it a low-level luster.

Sandblasted Finish

Sandblasted rings are characterized by their coarse appearance and feel. This finish is textured on the surface by being blasted with sand to create a grainy look that one can feel. Sandblasted rings are notable for their low-maintenance because scratches and flaws do not show up easily on the surface.

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